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 Greek Water God Nereus

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PostSubject: Greek Water God Nereus   Greek Water God Nereus Icon_minitimeFri Nov 14, 2008 12:18 am

Nereus is an ancient Greek water deity, who is not quite a Titan nor an Olympian, and He is the eldest son of Pontos, a divinity who is the sea personified. Nereus's name means "wet one."

The "old Man of the Sea" governed with a gentle hand & with great wisdom. Nereus, by some, is thought to have the gift of prophecy and a master shapeshifter.

Nereus & His wife Oceanid Doris, are the parents of 50 lovely daughters. These sea nymphs are known collectively as the Nereids, a name that originates from their father's name. A few of them played significant roles in mythology.....Thetis, Amphitrite, Psmathe & Galatea. It should be said that Nereus & His family lives in the sea.

Nereus has been depicted as an elderly man with a wooden staff. At times, he was painted with legs, at other times with a coiling fish tail. Unlike representations of other water deities, Nereus was always wearing a chiton, an article of clothing something like a toga.
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Greek Water God Nereus
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