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 Greek Gods : Boreas

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Greek Gods : Boreas Empty
PostSubject: Greek Gods : Boreas   Greek Gods : Boreas Icon_minitimeFri Nov 14, 2008 12:16 am

Boreas is the Greek god of the north wind. He is depicted as having purple wings & in a short pleated tunic. Sometimes He was shown with His hair and beard as being iced, not unusual as He was known as bringing in winter. In mosaic art, He was most often shown with His cheeks puffed out, blowing wind out among the clouds. In this representation, He can be found on old maps.

Boreas is the son of Astraeus and Eos. His brothers are Notus, Zephyrus and Eurus. He fathered 2 daughters & 2 sons. He also had a dozen mares, which were said to be able to gallop across the fields without destroying any grain.

According to legend, when the Persian ruler Xerxes' navy posed a threat to Athens, the Athenians invoked Boreas, who then sent His mighty and angry wind at the Persian ships, sinking 400 of them. Boreas was the only wind deity with a cult in Athens.
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Greek Gods : Boreas
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